Executive Team

John Cavanagh

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Cavanagh is senior vice president for Discovery Sciences at RTI International. He is an expert in protein structural biology, particularly in how bacteria are able to protect themselves.

Dr. Cavanagh received his Ph.D. in Chemistry/NMR spectroscopy from the University of Cambridge in 1988. He has held positions as a Senior Research Associate at The Scripps Research Institute, Director of Structural Biology at the Wadsworth Center (New York State Department of Health), Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences (SUNY) and Professor of Chemistry (Purdue).

Since 2000 he has been Professor of Biochemistry in the Department of Molecular & Structural Biochemistry at North Carolina State University. Dr. Cavanagh has served on numerous NIH and NSF grant review panels.

He is author or co-author of over 90 peer-reviewed research publications and co-author of the well known and successful textbook “Protein NMR Spectroscopy.”

He has been awarded the Foulerton Gift & Binmore Kenner Fellowship of the Royal Society (1990), The Fullsome Award (1996) and NC State University Alumni Associations Outstanding Research Award (2005).