On September 29th 2020, Agile Sciences partnered with Stonehaven Incubate to form Anifera – a new animal health company based in the UK. 

Anifera aims to be the innovator and leader in researching and developing solutions for adjunct therapy with antibiotics, improving their efficacy and ultimately reducing their use in animals. 

Anifera will have the exclusive rights to manufacture, develop and commercialize a powerful new family of molecules in all applications in animal health.


Agile Sciences was founded in 2007 by Professor Christian Melander (University of Notre Dame) and John Cavanagh (East Carolina University) and is a Delaware corporation headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina.


To provide commercial solutions to those industries plagued by antibiotic resistance and biofilms. Internal R&D efforts at the Company are focused on pharmaceutical applications of the technology.


The Company is seeking partnerships and strategic collaborations to develop the technology for treating antibiotic-resistant infections.

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